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About Us

What we do

The main aspects of what we do at camera club are:

Monthly club competitions, usually two each month. Competition judging happens on the 1st Thursday and some sort of workshop on the 3rd Thursday of each month. 

The workshops can be anything from how to use particular items of kit – external flash unit, filters; or about the camera aperture and shutter speed or how to use software to enhance your images. 

The monthly Competition entries can be mounted prints or projected (digital) images, which are identified by your club number and grade.  There are three grades for competition, Novice (which we all start at), Intermediate and Salon.  The competitions are a mix of “set subjects” which are allocated for the year by the club committee, and “open” to give you an opportunity to enter the images that you think are your best work on any subject matter.  The judging is done by a mix of the club panel and judges from around the country.  Judges are only given the grade of the author of each image not the entrant's club number so it is all anonymous.  Points are allocated based on the results of these competitions - Honours, Highly Commended, Merit, Accepted.  You don’t have to enter any images until you feel ready to do so.  The feedback that is given on judging night is to help club members learn.  We see everyone's images and hear the results for each image which are also posted on our website – www.whgcameraclub.org.nz - so there is ample opportunity to learn and be inspired to try taking photos of something different.  It will also probably help you to figure out how best to crop to suit an image etc.

 We also have club outings on some weekends which can be around our local area or further afield such as to Tiri Tiri Matangi the bird sanctuary island or Ruapehu or ….?

Learning while having fun practicing the craft of photography with like-minded people is our main goal. 

 You will find that there are various small groups in the club that meet together outside of club to do things like dawn or sunset photography at a beach such as Mangawhi or Ocean Beach.  You might have to get up really early once in a while but getting out there and photographing the early morning light is fantastic, you will love the images you get and learn heaps from the other photographers you are with. 

 NB: There are so many different brands and styles of cameras in use; we won't be able to tell you exactly how to use all the functions on your particular camera, but we will definitely help you to know how to make better images. (There may well be someone there who uses the same or similar camera and can help you on a one-to-one basis – over a cup of tea afterwards, or prior to the start of the Workshop on the third Wednesday.)

 Proud History

The Whangarei Camera Club Inc. is affiliated to the Photographic Society of New Zealand.  The committee holds club records dated from 1946 –2011, we have just discovered a photograph of the Whangarei Camera Club members dated 1908 and an article in the Northern Advocate dated 1897!  Members of our committee are currently working to find these old records and we hope a record of the history of the “Whangarei Camera Club” can be achieved.  This will also become a record as part of the archives of Whangarei.


Come along to our club night(s), its free for the first 3 nights. 


Phone for more details; President - Pam Stephen - 4373246

                                    Secretary - Ruth Mooney     - 4371008


Membership Details

Subscription Fees
■ Single Member - $65.00
■ Couple - $85.00
■ Junior Member (to 18yrs.) - $30.00

The fees can be paid to the Treasurer on a Club night, or can be paid directly into the Club bank account - ASB 123093 0144102 00. If fees are paid directly into the Club account, please include your Name and Club # if known, on the form. ALSO please send an email to info@whgcameraclub.org.nz indicating that payment has been made.

Rather than paying a nightly fee of $2.00, including $40.00 per person with your on-line fee payment will cover this for the year.

Conditions of Membership
Potential new members are encouraged to attend two or three meetings before becoming financial.
Financial members agree that any of their images, as appropriate, may be shown on the website.

We also accept Distance Membership, at the above rates.
A Distance Member may enter competitions and read their results via this Web site, and are encouraged to join us when possible for Club Outings.


(Web master - info@whgcameraclub.org.nz)