•  Red beaked hornbill
  • Fijian War Party
  • The forests of Moordoor
  • Y
  •  Whangarei falls
  •  Chrystal Blue
  •  The Folly
  • light swirl
  • Cathedral Caves
  • Self assignment 2017
  • Guns of Navarone
  • leave me alone
  • Beach House View
  • Breaking Down The Picture
  •  Ghost Rider
  • BlueGlass
  •  Charlie
  • A flurry of feathers
  •  Bat girls in the woods
  • Yahoo Hope I Can Stop
  •  Tui
  • long gone
  •  First Light
  • Chick
  •  Unloved
  •  Yellow beaked hornbill
  • Red Billed Gull
  • Emergency Wall
  •  Steel Man Plays Golf
  • bit scruffy

Welcome to Whangarei Camera Club

Our next meeting is on Thursday 4th April which will be held at the Ambulance Station, Western Hills Drive, in Classroom 1.

We will hear the results of last month's competitions, Building Details, and Curves. We will also view and discuss the recent special Crop application excercise we participated in. 

Due to be uploaded by midnight are Photojournalism and Open.

About the club

The Whangarei Camera Club encourages hobby and professional photographers to hone their creativity and photography skills through regular local and national competitions, projects, self-assignments and workshops. New members are always most welcome.

When and where do we meet?

On the first and third Thursdays of each month.
Start time - 7.30pm. At St. John Ambulance Station, Western Hills Drive, Whangarei - past where the helicopters land - in Classroom 1.